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3 Keys to Maintaining Peace

Do you ever tell yourself you’ll finally have peace when the house is clean and de-cluttered? The kids get along or when that one relationship is restored? Or maybe when you are financially set, and debt is paid off. I am constantly waiting for an old weary season to be over and new exciting season to begin and then maybe I will have peace.

Inner peace is not a result of outside circumstances. It is not possible for something or someone to steal our peace. Peace is something that comes from God. If we are faithful to learn and experience God’s character, we will take possession of the gift of peace in our everyday lives. Inner peace comes in spite of our outside circumstances when we learn to abide in Christ.

Peace must come from within, if not it only becomes a coat we put on and off depending on our outward circumstances. But when peace is

experienced deep within then that peace is real, lasting, and genuine.

But how?

How do we experience eternal peace?

How do we not allow every negative circumstance steal our peace when our circumstances cause so much stress and anxiety?

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