When You’re on a Verge of a Miracle

I’ve woken many mornings to the weight of disappointment, and a cloud of expectations on me for that day. At thirty-years old, with 3 children under the age of six, one freshly adopted infant with a major heart defect and a husband who worked long hours, I was sure I was in way over my head.

I was frightened.

Countless doctor visits. Prayers going unanswered. Numerous alter calls and several prayer chains. Feeling as if nothing was working.

Was I praying enough? Believing enough? Doing enough? Fasting enough? The cross of Christ didn’t seem large enough and I somehow felt I needed to do more to see my son’s healing. And yet my religious acts didn’t seem to be enough.

Living most of my days trying to cover the expanse between all I was and all I thought I should be.

I longed to see my son walking in health and healing, to the point that I was weighed down by my disappointment and stricken with fear. I was physically and emotionally worn out from my own effort.

Would I ever see him healed?

Maybe you feel like I did. Tired of believing. Tired of being disappointed. Your hope has been deferred. Maybe you have even stopped believing all together.

This is not the end of your story.

We live on the other side of the cross where victory has already been won. Where peace and joy are part of our identity and the price of healing has already been paid. Jesus has paid the ultimate price for not only our sins, but for our healing as well. We are no longer powerless.

Maybe you feel like the woman with the issue of blood in scriptures, wonder if you have enough faith to touch Him one more time. I am sure she felt like us, having to push through the sting of disappointment and pain to believe one last time. After all, she had been sick for 12 long years.

Scripture says, “She had spent everything she had and was not helped at all. On the country, she had become worse” Mark 5:26. Have you ever been there?

After praying for my son for over a year, spending everything I had, I heard the Father say, “He is healed, now start praising me for it.”

Begin to Praise Him.

Because sometimes you don’t know you’re on the verge of a miracle. Today is the day the Father is breathing hope into you once again. He wants to do the impossible.

Because honestly, He turns all things into good; the bad, the good, and the ugly. Even parts you have kept hidden under the rug. He wants to heal your whole story, not just parts of it.

The day the woman with the issue of blood touched Jesus, believed one last time, she received not only physical healing but also 12 years of emotional healing. “Daughter…your faith has made you well” Mark 5:34.

He wants to heal all of you!

I had to decide to praise Him even when circumstances looked dim. Even when my son got sicker and the doctor’s reports looked worse. Because never do we stop praising Him. Never do we camp out and stop believing.

The impossible becomes the possible when we choose to see the miracle before it happens.

His expectation of us is simple: we run to him, immerse ourselves in Him, and praise Him for what is and what is about to come. His perfect Love will cover the rest!

Praise is our weapon!

My son’s story after 2 years of simply choosing to praise Him now includes healing. He has been healed from his heart defect. And all I did was immerse myself in Him!

We don’t need to do more. Miracles are in our midst. God is here.

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