When You Can’t Seem to Find Your Own Rhythm

I sat listening with tears welling up in the corners of my eyes.

In one single moment all the world seemed to stop as worship filled the room.


She had found her rhythm. She found the very thing that gave her sweet release.


There at the keyboard, she worshipped the God of the universe. Deliberately counting as music filled the room. Counting to her own beat.

Counting to your own beat creates worship.

“Find your own rhythm” is often spoken, but I was never sure how that could be done.

I exhaled and smiled, knowing.

Rhythm is found when you count to your own beat.

Comparison crushes your own rhythm. The Lord works within each family, within each person.

Called, chosen, and set apart for a purpose is the mark on each child of God.

He has a mold for each person, for each family. Release happens when we are not trying to fit into the mold He created for the family next to ours.

Chaos and confusion comes about when I attempt to fit my family into another family’s mold.

Help me, Lord my God, walk to my own rhythm.

Her rhythm is to make home made bread and to stay home each day with her babies.

My rhythm is to hire help to continue to homeschool while I pursue a dream that burns within me.

Her rhythm includes working while kids are in school to provide for her family.

My rhythm includes only pockets of time to breathe and pray.

Her rhythm includes longer periods of time to reflect and read.

My rhythm seems to be running to many outside activities and finding joy in the little things.

Her rhythm is to cut back in order to be home more.

My rhythm is to let the house go while raise my children and build a ministry.

Her rhythm is to keep house and use her gifts to bring life to the environment she calls home.

Maybe a nap is included in your daily rhythm, no guilt or shame in that.

Or maybe you need to add a hot bath to your nightly routine…that is your new rhythm.

Community is formed and fellowship is birthed when we stop judging each other’s rhythms and start keeping time with our own.

My new rhythm includes being content where I am, no matter the season, knowing that life is a process. Knowing that He will connect the dots.

Resting in the understanding that He knows the beginning from the end.

Discovering rest does not happen by just slowing down or stopping. It is found in the very rhythm that God created for you. Our only labor is to simply enter into that rest as Jesus did.

Jesus’ only labor was to commune with the Father in order to find His rhythm.
I am gaining my own rhythm and not striving in any way to keep time with my sister’s rhythm.

Worship arises as we keep time with our own rhythm.

Joy is released as we dance to our own rhythm of life!

Rhythm brings peace and attracts others to the gospel.
And there at the piano, my daughter kept counting, forming her own rhythm…

making worship to the world.

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