When Mom Needs a Break From the Mundane

She needed a break from the mundane.

Her night in shining armor knew this. He planned a quick weekend trip to the mountains, without the children, to find rest.

The first morning they laced up their shoes and set out to hike the area.

Down into the woods, they could hear the sound of music. They wandered toward it, trying to make their way.

Each step seemed to hold a thought. In a world filled with rushing and wanting, how do we find rest? In a culture that is dominated by loud, how do we maintain peace and quiet? Do we continue to just wander toward it, aimlessly?

At the top of the hill they saw a small chapel, where an elderly man was playing the organ. As they entered peace overtook them.

Many people sat in the chapel listening to the sound of music. God’s presence filled the small chapel and brought a sense of peace to all who entered.

They stood in the doorway, astonished. Pilgrims so in need of this peace.

People of all races and nationalities filled this sacred place.

Some sat and cried. Some sat in silence, not wanting to disturb what they felt. Each finding something they didn’t know they were looking for…peace. A rest for their souls, they didn’t even know they were missing.

Our Souls Become Depleted

Without even noticing, our souls become depleted from the rush of everyday living. We spend more time doing and accomplishing for Him than cultivating an intimate relationship with our Lord.

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