Do you see me? Do you know me?

I’ve collapsed into bed many nights wondering  if anything I did mattered. I felt over worked and under paid. Being a mom of 4 kids doesn’t really have the best incentive plan. I was not receiving bonuses because I did an extra great job that day. I didn’t hear a co-worker say, “Great job on holding it all together when your daughter was storming up the steps in a huff.”

Did anyone notice me today? Did my kids hear me? Had I made any kind of difference in anyone’s life today?

There have even been times when I have questioned if God has even heard me. Sometimes my prayers feel like they are hitting the ceiling.

I have noticed each time I pray over a woman to fully understand that their Father sees them and knows them, they weep. Women have a deep desire to be noticed. I believe that desire has been put there by God, to be met by Him.

This particular day I was feeling extra sorry for myself, because my closest friend hadn’t even mentioned my blog or even ask me if I was writing, for that matter. Here I was trying to pursue my dreams and not even my closes friend was supporting me. Pretty selfish, I know!

On that very same day, as I was having a pity party with God, He showed me a vision during prayer ….a vision that shook me to the core. A vision that showed me a glimpse into the Father’s heart for His daughters and helped me to stop feeling so sorry for myself.

After this encounter I can say…


To the single mom who is working two jobs, and is doing everything to just provide for her children. He sees you and hears your cries of desperation to provide a better life for your children.

To the woman who desperately needs a break from endless hours of caring for her elderly parent. He sees every bath that you give, every meal that you make, and hears every song that you sing in praise to Him.

To the woman with four small children under the age of 5 years of age. He sees every nose that you wipe, every diaper that you change, and hears every prayer that you whisper as you wash the dishes in the still of the night.

To the mom who cares for a child with disabilities day in and day out. He sees every stare that is given, every harsh word that is said to your child, every doctor appointment that is made, and hears every prayer that is uttered, as you collapse into bed with no energy left to turn out the light.

To the woman who has struggled with infertility for God knows how long. He sees every test that has been taken, every tear that has been shed, every moment when your hope has been deferred, the smiles you attempt to cover up the pain, and He knows that deep ache that your heart feels.

To the grieving spouse who had to say good-bye to her soul mate sooner than she expected. He knows that you depend on Him for every breath, for every morning you wake up alone, for every night when you have to crawl into bed alone, and He stores up every tear that has been shed.

To the wife that is fighting for her marriage. He knows every word that goes unsaid, He sees every harsh word that is exchanged, every time that you take a blow to the face and He weeps with you, over the loss and brokenness.

Psalm 10:17 says, “Lord, you have heard the desire of the humble; you will strengthen their hearts. You will listen carefully.”

“You hear O Lord, the desire of the afflicted; you encourage, and you listen to their cry.” Ps 10:1

“He acts on behalf of the one who waits for Him.” Is 64:4

“Am I a God who is only near-this is the Lord’s declaration-and not a God who is far away? Can a man hid himself in secret places where I cannot see him?-the Lord’s declaration.” Jer. 23:23-24

After this encounter I feel less sorry for myself and more compelled to write, because the message of hope and love needs to be heard. Women, like myself, need to know that the Creator of the universe sees them and knows them.  He longs for them to know that He has a plan and purpose for their lives that is much bigger than their problems.

If we fully live from the place of being fully seen and known, we will flourish as the women we were created to be. This validation gives me the courage to move forward to accomplish my God-given tasks.



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