Am I As Invisible As I Feel?

Tears keep coming.

Hot, fresh, tears streamed down my cheek. I wanted them to stop, I really did. I didn’t want to feel this way.

Not one single person noticed me tonight. Oh, yeah, they said hi and I even got, “How are you doing?”

No one took the time to really know how I was doing. No one took the time to see the pain in my eyes. No one took the time to feel the loneliness that often times took my breath away.

Sometimes you need someone to notice you.

Sometimes you need an extra encouraging word to keep you going.

The children began to ask, “Mom are you ok?”

My daughter, the sensitive one, says, “Mom everything is going to be ok.”

But is it? Is everything going to be ok? How was all of this that we call life going to turn out? Did everything I do day in and day out really matter? Was I making any kind of difference in the world?

The reality of having a husband that worked extremely long hours was wearing on my mind and body. Four small children was draining every ounce of my energy and I was beginning to wonder if it even all mattered.

How was I changing the world? One diaper change at a time? One more meal on the table? One more shoe tied? One more shirt folded? One more toilet cleaned?

Sometimes you’re a little worn-out from it all. It all feels hopeless and mundane.

Giving out of the spiritual poverty of your own soul leaves you broken and in want.

You’re in need of someone to notice. Someone to care. Someone to breathe a little hope into your weary soul.

The secret way to bring life to a weary, worn-out soul is to open your arms to receive. Let down the walls and let healing in.

Allow the Holy Spirit to breathe afresh on you, like a cool breeze on a hot summer day.

When the world has been unkind and you seem to be invisible; allow the Word to speak life into your dry and thirsty soul.

The truth is that the very one who breathed life into your nostrils, is also the very one that sees you and knows you.

Allow that truth to wash over you and bring refreshing to the very corners of your everyday mundane life.

A man that came to save the world sat one day in the temple and took notice of a woman that didn’t matter to anyone. Most days no one saw her or cared she was even there. This very woman gave out of her poverty and it caught the interest of the God of the universe. He not only took noticed but highlighted her, because she gave out of her very need. It cost her something and this very act moved the heart of the Father.

Two pennies, worth very little, dropped into the offering plate and drew attention to this poor, helpless widow.

When you give out of your lack, it moves His heart. When it costs you something, it moves Him.

“For they all gave out of their surplus, but she out of her poverty has put in everything she possessed, all she had to live on.” Mark 12:44

My sweet sister, are you putting in everything you possess? Have you made an area of your life off limits to God? Are you giving Him your all, knowing that He sees you, that He is moved by your simplest act of love.

Give when no one sees. Give when it hurts. Give when it is inconvenient. Give when it costs you something. Give when you think you can’t give anymore.

Then live with expectancy that He is up to something good.

All those simple acts of love move the very heart of the Father and He takes notice. These very simple unseen acts of faith are being stored in the Heavenly treasury and are being charged to your account. He is impressed with you and loves you.

Trust that He sees. Trust that He knows. Trust that He is faithful to make your small offering into something beautiful. Trust that your blessing is coming. Trust in His very presence everyday and be the change the world needs.



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