Allow Compassion Be Your Guide

The leaves on our trees in October are breath taking, colors so vibrant. Red, yellow, orange, all so blended perfectly, as if He painted them just for me.

My walk to the mailbox midday is often my reset button. The time in which I allow the Holy Spirit to breathe a fresh wind of His presence through me. In those few quite moments as I walk to the end of the driveway I release whatever tension from the morning and I choose to let it all go to allow Him to fill me.

Today, as I walked back sorting through the mail, I felt His compassion move right through me, as I was gripped by the picture of the children in Africa.

See just two short months ago I saw and heard, first hand, the desperate cry of the helpless and needy in the depths of Africa. Babies sitting on sidewalks crying with no one to console them and children digging in garbage gripped my heart with compassion to make a change… to be the change.

Oh how time evaporates without you even knowing it.

Just two short months I would have sold everything I had to bring one of those babies home.

How could the feelings of exhaustion and frustration over take me? How could I let these poor children become just a statistic to me once more?

My compassion is stirred once again!

When Jesus went out He saw a great multitude;
and He was moved with compassion for them,
and healed their sick.
(Matthew 14:14 NKJ)

Jesus was always deeply moved with compassion. Compassion was His driving force.

Compassion keeps our hearts fully connected to the hurting and needy.

You can’t “do” ministry without compassion.

When was the last time you were moved with compassion? Really moved with compassion to change?

In every example where Jesus felt compassion for someone there was such a movement within Him that it surged out of Him to meet the needs of people. In some cases, that movement of compassion caused Him to provide food, to raise the dead, to deliver the demon-possessed, to heal the sick, and to provide teaching for those who were like sheep without a shepherd.

Compassion releases you from striving and allows you to rest in the very moment. It demolishes guilt because you are moved by the very Presence living and breathing inside of you. Allow compassion be your guide and watch and see what the Lord will do.

You just might see a miracle happen right before your eyes!

Had I allowed compassion to be my guide today with my very own children? Had I allowed compassion to guide me to see the needs of the world today? In small moments of the day I may have missed the very one in front of me?

When compassion moves upon you, it always results in a healing, deliverance, resurrection, supernatural provision, or some other action that changes someone’s life.

The rush of the day prevents compassion to come upon us and we often times miss an opportunity to show the love of Christ.

You see, compassion always produces action. Compassion cannot leave a person in the sad condition in which he was found; it moves one to do something to change that other persons situation.

Maybe our part to the world’s healing is slowing down long enough to get our hearts connected to the hurting.

My challenge to you is let your heart feel and then allow compassion to move you to be the change. Step out and see the Lord move through your act of obedience.

Step out and see the Lord move through your act of obedience.

Let’s let our compassion grow to astonishing abundance that we can’t help but to love the unloveable…even if that person is right in front of you.

Oh Lord, don’t let me miss You because I am so full of myself…

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