A Heart At Rest

What does it look like to have a heart at rest? After exploring God’s heart for the last 15 years walking as a Christian, I have come to the opposite conclusion then what I first thought. I thought, that we needed to allow our mind to guide our heart. After all, we are always hearing about “renewing our mind” and “thinking positive thoughts” and yes we need to do that but, not in our own strength or will-power. The original intent of the word heart, in the Bible, is all in compassing. The heart is the whole being of who we are: mind, spirit, conscience, courage, and understanding. In order to have a heart at rest your whole person needs to be at rest. We can’t manipulate our minds into this place.

In reality it’s got to be God’s heart ruling our heart and mind. We don’t need to strive to find the heart of God because Jesus already did the striving for us. We are no longer striving to find the heart of God because of the work of Jesus on the cross.
We can now rest in his heart, not living a life from a place of striving but from a place of rest. We rest in His heart because we are living life fully confident in His love.

If this was true then why do I strive and feel like I miss the mark? What would happen if I lived 2015 from His heart? How do I do that? I want to be a woman who operates from His heart. Teach me Lord.

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